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EDGE summarizes the way Netlighters maintain, develop and share competence and knowledge. It is the heartbeat of our organisation and the core of our culture. EDGE happens over lunch between colleagues, at huge conferences, on grand stages, in office spaces, over the phone, in online chat boxes, over early morning breakfasts, and late night dinners.

EDGE includes all Netlighters, as well as our clients and external network.

So EDGE can also reach beyond Netlight! EDGEx aims to make that culture of EDGE tangible for our X-ternal network with the intention to connect, include and to share knowledge, stories & experiences.

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Netlight is a relationship organisation of almost 2 000 role models making aspiring digital leaders successful. Providing a full range of consultancy services from technology and design to data and management. Netlight has been awarded several times as top employer, as well as for growth, continued profitability and engagement for equality and diversity within the IT industry.

As an independent solution provider in the digital industry, a broad and deep knowledge range is more important than narrow expertise in known areas. This is where our competence shines. Creativity is the power to act and as engaged leaders we drive our client’s ambitious agenda. To ensure we deliver significant value we need our business sense to understand how value is created in the various companies and industries we serve. This is how we create tangible results.

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