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Building Scalable EV Charging Solutions with Event-Driven Architecture

30 October 2023

In this episode, we'll discuss about an e-mobility client's journey towards event-driven architecture. This client is one of our largest in the e-mobility domain and offers a broad range of EV charging solutions to B2B and B2C customers in Europe.

We dive into the engineering challenges that we faced while the product portfolio and engineering teams grew substantially in short period of time. We explore the reasoning that led us to an architectural vision with event-driven communication at its centre, aiming to improve the maintainability and scalability of our systems.

We talk about trade-offs, thoughtful system design and gradual architecture evolution. Sounds interesting? Buckle up and listen to our conversation with Saadi Myftija, consultant at Netlight, on how we are creating an impact in the e-mobility domain!