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Growing Data Teams: An ongoing journey of mindshift

6 September 2022

Co-Talk with Florian Müller, Lead Data Engineer at Kühne + Nagel

At the birth of data teams within organizations, the main challenge is usually fixated towards establishing and certifying the business value of data science. This can be done via selecting a handful of use cases to investigate and ideally proclaim results. Most of the time, the focus at this early stage is on the output rather than method. As soon as the worth of a data department roots its presence, and becomes a prospect of valuable resource with descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive outcomes, it embarks on a journey of ongoing maturity. The team(s) size grows, responsibilities and use cases at hand increase, and the proof of concept(PoC) mindset needs to evolve towards creating polished data products. This state advocates the necessity for gradually building common processes, refining engineering practices, and providing stable infrastructures. Ideally, to harmonize and synchronize methodologies across teams, enable collaboration, and take away duplicated work from sub-teams, to ensure swift development journeys.
In this talk Florian and Omar, join forces on displaying this daring ongoing journey from the eyes of K&N’s data department, how it started, how it’s going, and the future challenges ahead. Moreover, how a collaborative bottom-up approach across engineers and scientists is taking place, to understand the needs arising and develop common solutions accordingly, elevating the department into the next level.

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