Moritz Tränker-Tuborgh



Proud to be part of Netlight, a leading consultancy with offices across Europe and most importantly fantastic colleagues, friends and clients, who have a genuine interest in building authentic relationships and co-creating the future together. Even more proud though, of having 3 lovely kids and a strong foundation in life with family & friends.

I am a Sports Student gone wrong, who decided against classical business studies and for studying something where his passion lies, with the intention to become a journalist like his mother, but ended up understanding that I enjoy using my talents and skills to build a business with like-minded people and to enable individuals and teams to unleash their potential....eventually that happened to be in the IT world.

Having had an imposter syndrome in a sometimes very elitist industry for the first couple of years for having studied "the wrong thing", I since many years feel I have developed an understanding of who I am, what I am good in, where not and how to apply this in a value driven environment.

I am always happy to connect and enable meaningful relationships and opportunities in between people.

Moritz Tränker-Tuborgh

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