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Why caring for daring is worth it: A journey transforming towards an empowered product organization

7 September 2022

Co-Talk with: Thole Janssen, CPO at bonprix

Technology, customer-centricity, employee experience, and innovation has never played a more powerful role in the ever-changing landscape of successful product development. After years of risk evaluation and several internal discussions, bonprix ecommerce finally succeeded in having the courage to invest in fundamentally changing the way of working: transforming from a project-driven operating model to an empowered product organization.
By proofing that chances are bigger than risks, aiming high for an outcome-driven approach by enabling the teams discovering and delivering what brings the biggest value, bonprix ecommerce is in the middle of organizational transformation. Facing several challenges to overcome such as decentralized decision-making and new alignment models from strategic to product team level, the treasure of knowledge grows every day.
Thole and Birte will share key success factors and learnings of their journey encompassing skills, organizational and cultural aspects while transforming into a continuously learning product organization which cares to dare.

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