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A Data Innovation Playbook

14 September 2023, Hamburg

Welcome to Mirko‘s garden of data innovation!

In this talk Mirko wants to demystify data innovation, which is the end-to-end journey from the first idea to “use data” or “do AI” to having rolled out data-driven decision-making and data products in a company by learning some lessons from gardening. As a gardener, you work with the seasons. Data initiatives have their seasons too. Getting data initiatives right is a complex beast with many moving parts. Unfortunately, many data teams don’t work with the natural flow of data initiatives. Data initiatives often start with a lot of excitement and quick wins. But going full circle to becoming a data-driven company often fails. Luckily there are some guiding principles to our rescue. Mirko wants to share with you his personal playbook for building data-driven organizations, inspired by the seasons in the garden. Embracing the seasons and learning from his lessons-learned makes it easier for you to create an environment where data initiatives thrive.

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