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How to reinvent your business model when Covid f***s you - or: The business value of “being agile & innovative”

6 September 2022

Co-Talk with Finn Lorbeer, Director of Engineering at MOIA

MOIA faced a radical changing market environment, when Covid hit Hamburg and no one was allowed to ride a MOIA anymore. But what do you do in your company and in your team if giving up is not an option?
With crisis-after-crises in the past years, the flexibility to adhere to changing markets on a company- to team-level became a true asset.

The basic idea behind “being agile” was that companies and businesses should be flexible enough to react to changing market requirements. It also describes the evolutionary processes inside a single team: As smaller business units, also teams need some flexibility to adopt to those changing markets conditions and to be able to unleash their full innovative potential.

Listen to Finn and Jana who will tell you the story of MOIA and how daring can innovate not only a product but also a company with a truly #agile reaction to new needs of the market.

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