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Putting GPT-3 in Production: Lessons Learned from Blinkist

21 September 2023, Berlin

Co-Talk with: Meri-Kris Jaama, Head of Data Science at BlinkistHow can you boost user engagement and build and deploy a state-of-the-art recommendation engine in just three months using cutting-edge AI technologies?

Blinkist, a book-summarizing subscription service, in collaboration with Netlight, will share their story of successfully implementing a GPT-3-powered recommendation engine that offers book suggestions to users based on current local trends. Through leveraging new technologies, they not only increased their click-through rate for marketing campaigns but also reduced editorial workload. Moreover, their project was awarded "Best Data Application of the Year 2022" by Braze.

Meri-Kris and Nazli will share their story about the limitless possibilities when you dare to navigate uncharted technological waters and how seizing the uncertain can equip your organization for unprecedented change.

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