Patric Ögren

Product Management & Product Coaching


I love building things together in a group and seeing them flourish. As a kid, my best memories were from building Lego with my friends. Today I build digital products and a consulting office in Zurich.

With my passion for Product Management and my experiences as Product Manager, Product Owner, and Advisor/Product Leader for organizations striving to transform into more modern user-centric product organizations, my goal is to build products customers love. I like the challenge of finding pragmatic ways to empower teams one step at a time in a way that is a good fit for a company, as well as pushing for an outcome-driven approach and bringing in perspectives from tech, UX, and data early on in the product development process. I have been driving product development in market-leading organizations as well as startups. I have built up multiple product teams, primarily within E-commerce and marketplaces.

The best feeling for me is in the moment when a team is building on top of each other’s ideas, whether related to a digital feature, startup idea, or strategy!

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Patric Ögren

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